• Learn the pieces you want to learn

  • Make rapid progress with Finn's innovative new method  tried and tested on over 25,000 lessons!

  • Unlimited exclusive access to hundreds of pages of sheet music of popular songs 

  • Enjoy tailor made, one to one lessons in your own home

  • Learn to improvise

  • Learn to compose


  • Weddings, hotels, restaurants, private events - Finn Barnaby can play hours of popular, blues or 'background' music for all occasions. 

  • Please watch the video to see Finn perform "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong; arrangement rewritten for piano by Finn himself

Fresh, Modern & Fun

I Enjoy Them So Much

Online Sheet Music

Finn as written out hundreds of pages of sheet music of popular songs at his students requests. All students have unlimited access to all this music! 

Always Happy to Help

The learning isn't just within the lesson - Finn will answer any musical query, just send him a message!

Regular Lessons

Lessons are weekly to keep the momentum of progression at its best

Digital Music

All music can be accessed digitally - ideal if you want to store all your music on a tablet

Play for Pleasure

Why play for any other reason? Certainly not for exams! 

Online Lessons

With around 30,000 lessons under his belt, Finn now teaches online via any medium of communication 

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