Piano with Finn

A refreshing new approach to learning the piano


Quotes Finn provided the perfect tonic for my daughter's piano tuition. While she was progressing well through the grades with an excellent local teacher we felt her enthusiasm and enjoyment for simply playing for fun was waning. Finn to the rescue! While she has continued with her grade work her weekly lesson with Finn has provided a real catalyst for my daughter, aged 14, to learn and experiment with contemporary pieces that she can relate to. Practicing the piano is no longer something we need to remind her to do - rarely is there an evening now when we don't hear her playing - thanks so much Finn. Quotes
Parent of student aged 14 - Kirkbymoorisde

Quotes Finn has been teaching piano to my son for a relatively short period of time but in that time he has improved significantly. He has more confidence in his ability and can play more complex pieces. Finn's attitude to teaching is fresh, modern and fun which is perfect for children. My son can't wait for his weekly lessons and is always left full of motivation and eagerness to learn more. I'm extremely happy with Finn and looking forward to many more lessons. Quotes
Parent of student aged 11 - Kirkby Misperton
January 2014

Quotes One of my boys was learning the piano at school , but it was a battle to get him to practice. The other 2 refused to play and had to be cajoled into their first lesson. They never looked back they pleaded to carry on and never miss a lesson. They now all fight over the piano and I am amazed at what they can play in just a few months. The most important thing is that they love it and it is a pleasure listening to them. Quotes
Parent of 3 reticent boys! - Near Slingsby
January 2014

Quotes I never thought I would be able to play all my cool songs and now I can and American Pie is the best! Quotes
Student aged 9 - Near Malton
January 2014

Quotes Before I met Finn I never thought I could play the piano and now I can and I love it. Quotes
Student aged 13 - Near Slingsby
January 2014

Quotes He lets me play whatever I want to play and I don't have to do boring scales. I never want to miss his lessons as I enjoy them so much. Quotes
Student aged 11 - Near Slingsby
January 2014

Quotes I did not want to learn the piano before I met Finn and now I love it. Quotes
Student aged 9 - Near Slingsby
January 2014

Quotes Finn has been teaching our son piano for a year now and in that time he has made excellent progress. But more importantly, what is satisfying for us as parents, is seeing the enjoyment he gets from his lessons thanks to Finn's unique approach. Finn's method allows his students to learn to play songs they want to learn from rock and pop to classical and blues. Finn has a warm personality which means he builds up a good rapport with his students. I would have no hesitation in recommending him. Quotes
Parent of student aged 10 - Huttons Ambo
January 2014

Quotes Finn has been teaching piano to my children for about 6 months. In that time they have learnt more and progressed more than in 5 years of conventional piano lessons. More importantly they now love playing the piano, they both play a lot for fun and are hugely enthusiastic. They also really look forward to their lessons (whereas before they moaned about them). We couldn't be more pleased (or surprised!). Quotes
Parent of students aged 9 & 13 - Fadmoor
February 2013

Quotes My daughter had reached Grade 4 piano at school but had had enough of scales and teaching to the test. Finn's approach is less formal and she can learn to play whichever song she likes, whether it's Adele or Pirates of the Carribean. Most importantly, she is still playing the piano and getting more fun out of it! Quotes
Parent of student aged 13 - Malton
February 2013