Piano with Finn

A refreshing new approach to learning the piano


Quotes Finn is an amazing piano teacher. He has got my 14yr old son ( who struggled to get to grips with the grade system ) playing the piano in a way that he always wanted to but would never have thought possible. He is playing a mixture of current and jazz music and being given an opportunity to compose. Finn is a pleasure to have in our house and we would highly recommend his method of teaching. Quotes
Parent of student aged 14 - Fryton
February 2013

Quotes Finn can do a very funny and clever thing: jump in the air and cross his legs perfectly so that it looks like he is levitating. Happily, he doesn't do this over our piano when teaching my daughter. No clever tricks needed. Finn's style of teaching? Fun, unique and individual. Lessons are about how my daughter learns piano best. That's a rare find! Or in my daughter's words, Finn is just fun, and he gets me! Quotes
Parent of student aged 13 - Malton
February 2013

Quotes In a short space of time Finn has managed a miraculous transformation in our 11 year old. Bringing with him a unique style and mix of contemporary music, he has encouraged my daughter to play fluently and with such conviction and understanding that she is thrilled with her progress and we love to listen. We would recommend him without hesitation! Quotes
Parent on student aged 11 - Nawton
Nov 7th 2012

Quotes Finn takes all the tradition and potential boredom out of playing the piano by homing in on the style or type of music you want to play and simplifying it to concentrate on the basics in a way you can understand - sometimes without the usual notations! Quotes
Student aged over 30 - Terrington
Oct 15th 2012

Quotes Before we heard about Finn, my 13 year old son had decided to give up piano lessons because they were 'dull' and he was 'playing stuff that wasn't very satisfying'. He's now had Finn's tuition for a while and I asked him today what I should write in this testimonial. He said - and these are unedited comments - ' Finn has a relaxed approach to teaching, but the pace is good and the lessons are always challenging. I have learnt a lot in a short space of time and I now enjoy playing'. From my perspective, Finn is organised, enthusiastic and professional - he is always happy to discuss progress and I get the sense that teaching piano is a real vocation. Quotes
Parent of student aged 13 - Nawton
Oct 15th 2012

Quotes My three children started taking lessons with Finn earlier this year (2012) as an alternative to their conventional grade structured piano lessons. He has successfully promoted the fun of music to my children; they are all motivated, enthusiastic and never have to be asked to do piano practice. His unique teaching method and personable character has inspired them to make huge progress in only a short space of time and even the most shy of my children enjoy performing their pieces in front of people. I fully recommend Finn as an innovative and inspirational piano teacher. Quotes
Parent of students aged 7, 9 & 12 - Malton
11 Oct 2012

Quotes We now have a beautifully restored grand piano (restored by Finn) which we thought was beyond repair and my daughter is playing more fluently, competently and enjoying exploring music by natural instinct rather than text book - Finn has inspired her to practise and exploit her potential. Very happy. Quotes
Parent of student aged 15 - Appleton Le Street
11th Oct 2012